Yolande Leong

RSP Architects

Giving one of Singapore’s most established architect firms a bolder, more creative edge.

Completed at Brandcourage with

Equus Design Consultants.


RSP Architects

Brand Strategy &

Identity Refresh


Art Direction

Graphic Design


2018 – 2019

RSP is a leading global architectural, design and engineering practice. Based in countries, such as Singapore, Dubai, India, China and Malaysia, the group has a portfolio of more than 2,500 projects. 

The practice’s new tagline, “Design Re-imagined”, is put forth visually in the form of a logo refresh and a new visual language. Based on a Chinese proverb by Lau Tzu, the kaleidoscopic supergraphic works to suggest that all their work is about ‘bringing life to space’.

Brand Strategy: Colin Anderson

Art Direction: Chew Kok Hsiung, Yolande Leong

Graphic Design: Yolande Leong

Project Management: Sarah Fandi