Yolande Leong

Beato Creations

Beato is a boutique florist based in Singapore. Creating bespoke floral arrangements with flowers flown from all over the world, Beato is more than just a florist – it gives their customers a voice to their emotions, through the expression of flowers.

Completed at Brandcourage with

Equus Design Consultants.


Beato Creations

Brand Strategy & Identity


Art Direction

Graphic Design



Beato are in the business of personal and corporate gifting, as well as decor for events and special occasions. A narrative was developed that sought to push the brand beyond being seen as purely "just a florist" – by addressing why it offered their products and services.


"Because emotions need a voice" talks directly to gift-giving and the relationship between the giver and the receiver. The play on emotions was a strong differentiator to own in terms of communications real estate saying that there are flower shops that sell beautiful flowers; there are gift shops that sell ingenious gifts; but Beato is different. They exist to help those for whom words are not enough, who want to express their emotions to others, but don’t always know how to do it. They do this in the art of gifting.

Brand Strategy: Colin Anderson

Art Direction: Chew Kok Hsiung, Andrew Thomas

Graphic Design: Yolande Leong

Project Management: Sarah Fandi

Design intent for packaging