Yolande Leong

The Five Residences

Brand identity for The Five Residences, an executive long-stay hospitality brand in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Completed at Brandcourage.


The Five Residences

Brand Strategy & Identity


Art Direction

Graphic Design


2020 – 2021

A newly-partnered hospitality brand under Saffron Collection of the Onyx Hospitality group, The Five Residences needed a logo and visual language to express its new value proposition in the market.

The new Five Residences brand seeks to revolve around its promise, “Where the Elements Align” – where residents discover unexpected tranquility, a new sense of balance, and a renewed definition of living. Inspired by the elements of Hanoi’s beautiful nature, the brand identity of The Five Residences is curated, sophisticated and stylish.

Brand Strategy: Colin Anderson

Art Direction: Yolande Leong, JY Foo

Creative Director: Chew Kok Hsiung

Graphic Design: Yolande Leong, JY Foo

Project Management: Florian Luthi


Inspired by the contours of nature, The Five’s visual language reflects the fluidity and connectedness that aligns all elements of our hospitality experience; from design and service, to food and relaxation.

Typography and colour

The Five's colours are centered around a harmonious and calming, yet confident colour palette. Playfair Display and Roboto work in unison to create a blend of sophisticated and functional lettering across applications.

Graphic device

The Five’s graphic device adds another dimension of visual interest to The Five’s identity. It revolves around topography and fluidity and the balance of these elements.

Brand applications

The harmonious balance between smooth sophistication and functionality come alive in The Five’s applications, from its in-room items to its digital platforms.