Yolande Leong


A bold new brand identity for a household name in arts, culture and retail in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Completed at Brandcourage.



Brand Strategy &

Visual Identity Refresh


Art Direction

Graphic Design




Publika offers a retail experience that is informed by art, culture and community. Since its inception ten years ago, it has been a lively incubator of creativity and thought from artist and maker communities in Malaysia, fostering a unique retail experience. 

Publika partnered with Brandcourage to revitalise and reposition its brand, challenging the retail status quo and elevating Publika’s visitor experience through the perspective of its new brand promise, "Remixing Now" — a space to experiment, find fresh ideas, and juxtapose possibilities.

Brand Strategy: Colin Anderson

Art Direction: Yolande Leong

Creative Director: Chew Kok Hsiung

Graphic Design: Yolande Leong, Steve Chan

Publika's new brand attributes and promise

To seize the opportunity to disrupt the transactional way retail is conducted in the traditional brick-and-mortar setting, Publika has repositioned itself in terms of its audience, brands and culture. This stays true to the brand promise of "Remixing Now" — no one curated experience is the same as the other. A messaging matrix was also crafted to speak to the target audience and enhance Publika's brand promise.

Typeface and colour

A display font has been developed to directly reflect the concept of remixing and showcase the multiple facets of Publika — a place rooted in creativity, uniqueness, and that little extra quirk that sets it apart from everyone else.

Likewise, Publika’s new colours contrast and complement one another, laying the groundwork for its visual narratives.

A (re)mix of visual narratives

Publika’s remixing approach creates new opportunities to engage our various audiences with a medley of visual narratives. These range from juxtaposing photographic and illustrative elements to the use of typography for a diverse language that is true to Publika’s personality.

Brand applications

Publika’s new bold and confident character comes alive in its applications, creating an eye-catching collection of digital, print, and merchandising.

The homepage features an Experience Finder where Publika can recommend tenants and events according to an individual's tastes and preferences.

Publika's leasing brochure features the use of multiple paper sizes and overlapping elements to echo the brand's attributes of differentiation and dynamism.